Non Executive Directors

Non Executive Directors

If you are looking to expand your board of directors to provide valuable creative contribution you can employ M2X Ltd and Mike Midgen as your non executive directors. M2X Ltd can bring a wealth of knowledge to any business or company involved in technology, telecoms, engineering, manufacturing, automotive and product development. This would include a wide network of high profile business contacts that would help any company looking to expand its business, sales contracts and suppliers.


When the chairman and board of directors of a company develop a corporate strategy for the business they sometimes lack an outside perspective and M2X Ltd can provide external and constructive critic of the overall objectives and strategy to ensure the business is not missing key factors in their business development plan.


As non executive directors we can monitor the performance of the your business development plan, objectives and how the rest of the board are performing their responsibilities to ensure the business is receiving good value for money and return on investment from everyone involved at the company.


When a business is looking to grow or develop key contacts that lead to new sales contracts or better suppliers of services this can be extremely critical to board members of a company. M2X Ltd has a wide network of useful contacts and good relationships with companies within the technology, telecoms, engineering, manufacturing, automotive and product development sectors. We can help connect you with our trusted contacts and represent your company when required.


With any business you have to measure the risk and return on investment. As non executive directors and using our wealth of experience we can help you assess the level of risk and what the pitfalls are in your strategy and business development plan. We will guide your company through the risk management process and highlight what needs to be done to ensure your strategy is robust and secure for the long term.

If you would like to talk to M2X Ltd and Mike Midgen about your business requirements and how we can help you as non executive directors on your company board please call +44 (0)1825 732532 or you can email us through