M2X Ltd - Innovation Consultancy

Innovation Consultancy

If you are looking to develop your business and it products M2X Ltd have over 20+ years experience in product development and innovation consultancy and we can help you develop your new innovative ideas into profitable commercial products using not only our experience and but our well connected business contacts and suppliers.


When looking at an existing business or a new product idea M2X Ltd will assist you in assessing the best strategy to ensure your plan is robust and safe. We will come up with a strategy that will help your business and its new products through the design stages, production and then into the market place.

Long Term

When developing a business and especially new products that will go to market you will always need to look at the long term. M2X Ltd will assist you in looking at the long term when designing a new product, manufacturing it and taking it to your target market to make sure that the process is simple, efficient and profitable for the business.


Quite often businesses and inventors will already have product ideas and as innovation consultants we can help put those ideas into production through advising on the initial design concepts, sourcing funding and investment opportunities, assisting in the manufacturing process and implementing a business development plan for taking the new product to market.


When your new product has been developed and you have been you through the process of design and production you will need to take the product to market and M2X Ltd can you help you establish key routes to market through their existing contacts and by implementing a business development plan to ensure your product is sold.

If you would like to talk to M2X Ltd about innovation consultancy and your new product ideas in confidence please call us on +44 (0)1825 732532 or you can email us through contact@m2x.co.uk