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M2X Ltd are UK and Sussex based business development consultants and innovation consultants working for clients both in the UK and across International markets with extensive experience in business development and sales strategies. Our key business development services and innovation consultancy solutions are designed to provide direct support for long term business growth to our clients with new customers and markets.

M2X Ltd is active in many industries including Telecommunications, Handset Manufacturers and Networks, Consumer Electronics, Automotive and Aerospace. Current and previous clients include many well-known global brands.

Start-ups and early stage companies work with us because of our extensive range of contacts, relationships and many years of experience which has enabled them to get to the right customers quickly. Medium and larger companies work with us to help them enter new markets without the cost of setting up and resourcing a local office.

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Our experience and first class consultancy services are designed to support you in the development of your company business plan and strategy to support the growth of your business.

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We have had the pleasure working with many well known brands and businesses from around the world. Please click to view our clients and references.

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We have a partner network of associates from around the world who can bring valuable experience, skills and resources to our clients and projects here in the UK and globally.