M2X Ltd - Client References


We have had the pleasure working with many well-known brands and businesses from around the world assisting them with business development and innovation consultancy. Please see below some short summaries:


M2X Ltd - Client Apparound

M2X works with Italian based company Apparound Inc who have a world class solution for distribution of content to mobile devices with their “Blend” APP combined with the CPQ (Configure Price Quote) module that allows the creation of quotations from complex databases on a mobile device working both on and off line. The M2X team is helping Apparound expand their sales outside Italy into a Global market with customers in the Telecom, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage and Automotive sectors.



Dedienne Group

M2X Ltd - Client Dedienne Group

M2X Ltd has worked with Dedienne Multiplasturgy Group for more than 12 years to support their export sales. Dedienne are a French multiplasturgy solution company who specialise in the supply of total solutions that can include injection moulding, thermoforming, machining and coating of high performance polymers and assemblies into targeted high technology companies in the Aerospace, Automotive and Industrial sectors.



Ressorts Masselin

M2X Ltd - Clients Ressorts Masselin

M2X Ltd is responsible for UK sales and business development for French based manufacturer Ressorts Masselin. The company prides itself on producing high quality springs for various industries such as transportation where springs are made for new high speed trains, energy where springs are made for production of all types of energy such as oil, gas and electricity and aerospace where springs are made for airplane doors, landing gear, engines, brakes and hydraulic components.


Svep Design Center AB

M2X Ltd - Clients Svep Design Center AB

M2X Ltd acts as the business development arm of Svep Design Center AB, a Swedish Product Development Company for their expansion into global markets. Svep specialise in turning customer concepts into reality with their expertise in software, firmware, component selection, board layout and technical services. From the first idea right through to set up and testing of the production facility Svep are able to support customers with all aspects of the project.



Fructel AB

M2X Ltd - Clients Fructel AB

M2X Ltd is responsible for global sales for Fructel AB, a Svep group company that was founded to design, develop and bring to market, electronic products in the field of mobile gaming. M2X Ltd manages the Global Sales and Business Development for new the Gametel controller from Fructel AB. The Gametel games controller brings console gaming controls to your mobile phone and tablet.



MM2 Ltd

M2X Ltd - Clients MM2 Ltd - Amended Version

MM2 Ltd designs, develops, manufactures and imports a wide range of excusive taps, bath fillers and showers for the UK market. M2X Ltd are partnered with MM2 and have worked together from when the company was founded in 2003 assisting the company in driving forward continued sales of all existing and new products coming to market.